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Thank you to all who participated! 


March Discount Madness Rules & Prizes


Entering the challenge is free. Click the entry button above and fill out the attached form. It is required to pick a team, however, it is not required to guess the score of the final game. Throughout the tournament, participants can follow along with the discount bracket shared below. Each contestant will receive 15% off for entering and making it through the first round. After the first round, as a selected team advances, so does that participant's discount, adding an additional 5% off each round as they move forward. Those who pick the tournament's winning team will receive a 40% off discount. The victor who also guesses most accurately to the final score without going over will receive our Grand Prize. This year's Grand Prize is a $1000 training voucher. Discounts will be emailed to individuals. 



 ROUND 1  Contestants that enter the challenge or pick a team that makes it through the first round will automatically receive a 15% discount. 

 ROUND 2  Contestants with teams that make it through to the next round will receive a 20% discount. 

 QUARTER-FINALS  Contestants with teams that make it through to this round will receive a 25% discount. 

 SEMI-FINALS  Contestants with teams that make it through to this round will receive a 30% discount. 

 FINALS  Contestants with teams that make it through to this final round will receive a 35% discount. 

 WINNER  Contestants that pick the tournament's winning team will receive a 40% discount. 

 ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE WINNER  One finalist that guessed both the winning team and most accurately the score of the final game will win a $1000 training voucher.