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Management Development Training

As a motivated professional, you recognize the importance of mastering business and interpersonal skills. Managing your time, perfecting your communication, honing your emotional intelligence and mitigating conflict are just a sample of the crucial abilities that will propel you to becoming a transformational leader.

Our Leadership and Professional Development courses include focusing on the practical expertise that you need to further develop yourself and your organization, and enhancing your proficiency in key areas. Courses cover everything from transitioning into a management position to maximizing your effectiveness as a senior leader. Learn about how to build your team, mentor and motivate your workforce, navigate the challenges of contemporary leadership, and more.

Advanced Workshops

The Personal and Professional Development Advanced Workshops from New Horizons are 2-3 day workshops that will help strengthen crucial skills throughout your entire professional career, from team member to executive leader. 

Each of the Advanced Workshops include a suite of post-class reinforcement materials (ebooks, Quick Videos, Tools & Templates, On Demand Courses, Team Assessments, Personal Assessments) that are unique to each title. All e-assets, such as books and videos, come with 1-year access.

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Evolving into the Manager Role 3 Days, $2,250  

Managers must be able to develop and unify team members, plan strategically, set goals, delegate responsibilities, provide meaningful feedback, and effectively communicate. In this course, you will learn how to confidently acquire and build these skills through relevant discussions, team and individual activities.  Sample this course by watching the free Evolving into the Manager Role Course Demo now.

Becoming a Transformational Leader 2 Days, $1,500  

Transformational Leaders have a tremendous impact. They can empower teams to grow and work together, envision the future, embrace change, and maximize performance. This course will help you develop authentic leadership qualities that motivate and drive others to reach their full potential, and become the transformational leaders of the future.  Sample this course by watching the free Becoming a Transformational Leader Course Demo now.

Discovering Your Leadership Voice 2 Days, $1,500  

In this course, you will learn proven techniques to find and develop your own voice as a leader – one that builds trusts, fosters enthusiasm for change, engages colleagues, strengthens relationships, and achieves results.  Sample this course by watching the free Discovering Your Leadership Voice Course Demo now.

Leadership Excellence for Senior Management 3 Days, $2,250  

Senior managers have unique demands placed upon them. They need to be able to lead the leaders – offering guidance, critiquing performance, and mentoring their team – while also identifying and developing new managers. To maximize performance and foster a healthy environment, senior managers must also motivate others, nurturing and utilizing the distinctive skills of each team member  Sample this course by watching the free Leadership Excellence for Senior Management Course Demo now.

Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager 3 Days, $2,250  

From developing an inspiring vision and empowering members to reach it to meeting deadlines and evaluating results, in this course you will learn the skills needed to successfully transition into an IT manager role.  Sample this course by watching the free Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager Course Demo now.

Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 2 Days, $1,500  

This course will teach you to adjust your management style to successfully improve communication, foster connections, increase productivity, and develop remote and virtual teams. Focused on practical skills, this course includes activities to apply these techniques and drive results.  Sample this course by watching the free Managing Remote and Virtual Teams Course Demo now.

Effective Leadership through Coaching 3 Days, $2,250  

Whether supporting employees to optimize their contribution, or enabling them to further their career aspirations, your coaching will have a positive impact and will foster an environment of growth and success.  Sample this course by watching the free Effective Leadership Through Coaching Course Demo now.

Business Acumen For Leaders 2 Days, $1,500  

In this course, you will learn to understand the mechanics of the organization – reading and interpreting financials, making sound business decisions, and setting a course – while also developing the skills to guide and direct your workforce in an ethical and professional manner.  Sample this course by watching the free Business Acumen for Leaders Course Demo now.

Leading Change in a Complex World 2 Days, $1,500  

Leading others requires building credibility, communicating effectively, developing trust, making decisions, and demonstrating confidence. This course will help you to cultivate the leadership skills that you need to influence others and guide them.  Sample this course by watching the free Leading Change in a Complex World Course Demo now.

Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders 2 Days, $1,500  

In this course, you will learn how to develop and apply facilitation techniques to support your team at every stage of the team life cycle. You will enhance your interpersonal competencies and observational abilities to deal effectively with disruptions and dysfunctions, and guide groups to reach consensus and achieve results. 


Workplace Fundamentals

Workplace Fundamentals from New Horizons combine soft skills, communication and social intelligence, compliance, attention to detail, time management and more skills that help your team excel in their roles. These 1-day Soft Skills training courses from New Horizons Learning Group are a cost-effective solution for developing the skills your employees need to be successful in a challenging climate. Our world-class instructors deliver training on topics such as Interpersonal Communication, Business Writing, Effective Time Management and so much more.

Teamwork and Team Building 1 Day, $395

This course will encourage you to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that they can become a top-notch team performer.

Coaching and Mentoring 1 Day, $395

This course focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance.

Employee Motivation 1 Day, $395

This course will assist students in understanding and implementing strategies that will help to motivate their work force.

Leadership and Influence 1 Day, $395

Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership And Influence, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead.

Performance Management 1 Day, $395

In this course, students learn to identify and manage difficult employees, monitor their behavior, develop clear and effective communications techniques, give and receive feedback, identify workplace conflicts and present resolutions.

Change Management 1 Day, $395

This course will give all participants an understanding of how change is implemented and some tools for managing their reactions to change.

Project Management Essentials 3 Days, $1,785

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills needed to be a successful project manager in today's rapidly changing world. The skills and knowledge gained in this course will help avoid making costly mistakes and increase a competitive edge in the project management profession.

Project Management for Senior Managers 1 Day, $599

This one-day course introduces the senior managers, department managers, and other key stakeholders to the principles and processes of project management.

Project Risk Management 2 Days, $1,190

This course focuses on improving the project manager’s risk management expertise, from initial planning through project closure. Participants will apply all course principles to a work-related case study taken directly from their work environment.

Project Scope and Schedule Management 2 Days, $1,190

This course provides participants with tools and techniques to help them determine and deliver products, services, and results that meet requirements, expectations, and deadlines.

Project Team Leadership 2 Days, $1,190

This course focuses on improving the project manager’s risk management expertise, from initial planning through project closure. Participants will apply all course principles to a work-related case study taken directly from their work environment.


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Management Development Courses

What Our Students Say

  • 79% of IT Professionals improved productivity from their training at New Horizons
  • 89% returned to New Horizons to further their skills
  • 90% of IT Professionals recommend New Horizons
  • 91% felt New Horizons content prepared them for certification
  • 92% took additional courses with New Horizons because of Instructor Quality
  • 98% would recommend New Horizons to others
  • 100% have increased their job security by taking a course

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Upcoming Popular Management Development Training Courses

Course Starts Location Price
Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager 10/26/2022 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager 2/01/2023 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 9/20/2022 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 12/19/2022 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 2/09/2023 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 5/11/2023 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Effective Leadership through Coaching 8/22/2022 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Effective Leadership through Coaching 8/22/2022 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Effective Leadership through Coaching 10/10/2022 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Effective Leadership through Coaching 1/25/2023 Raleigh-Durham, NC
Effective Leadership through Coaching 4/17/2023 Raleigh-Durham, NC

What Our Students Say About Leadership & Development Training and Certifications

"I had the pleasure of completing an online training class 'Effective Leadership Through Coaching' through [CLD powered by] New Horizons hosted by an amazing online trainer Brian Salk. My biggest "ah ha" moment was reviewing and understanding the gap between training content, the trainee's understanding of the content in a controlled environment, then further the trainee's understanding in real life to a level that they can effectively apply said training. Patience can easily be lost in this portion of the fast paced day to day. My new insight is certainly helping me navigate these challenges a little more strategically and shocker...effectively!"

Michelle Martin
Plant Manager
Waste Management

"New Horizons offers a wide range of classes, both technical computer courses, and business and soft skills meet most of my needs. Every class and instructor I have booked through New Horizons has been well received and positively reviewed. I am a one-person training department supporting over 500 employees, and my relationship with New Horizons makes my job easier. They take care of so much of the paperwork and logistics that I am free to focus on my many other duties."

Melissa Campbell
Training Administrator
Teledyne Controls

"In all the correspondence, training and support I’ve had from New Horizons, I highly recommend their services to any individual or company seeking personal or professional development. Some courses I’ve completed include Managerial Leadership, Excel 2010 Part 1-3 and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp. I’ve taken these courses in their Online Live mode, greatly appreciated, as well as at their clean and comfortable Anaheim location. Each course was taught by an expert in the field who provided insight to real-life challenges and brought energy and relevance to the topics. This, along with instructors’ concise and relatable content, has helped me apply my training in my daily duties as a project manager."

Vivian Moon
Project Manager
Douglas Steel Supply