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As a global leader in its industry, EMC Corporation helps enable businesses and network service providers to take their operations and IT services to the next level. In addition, EMC empowers organizations that deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) to better serve their clients and provide top-level support.

Cloud computing is a critical component when it comes to ITaaS transformation. It is for this reason that EMC offers innovative products and services that help organizations speed up the development and integration of cloud computing. EMC gives IT departments the tools needed to better manage, store, secure, and analyze their information and data in a way that is both agile and cost efficient.

>EMC recently conducted a survey with IT managers and professionals that revealed concerns about skills of their teams: only 35% of all survey participants and 14% of the managers believe they have at least half of their teams capable of working with virtualized and IT-as-a-Service environments respectively.

Should I consider EMC Certification? What Is an EMC Certification? 

EMC certifications will help you accelerate your career by showing proficiency in working with technology. Certifications can be obtained in an area of the technology that is most relevant to your individual role and needs. Courses which prepare you for the certification exam are offered in Big Data, Data Protection, Infrastructure Management and Storage, and allow you to develop a well-rounded knowledge base and practical skills required for ITaaS transformation and cloud computing. You can learn more about each of the courses offered by clicking through the list on the left and see outlines, topics covered, and related training classes.


Authroized EMC Training Solutions from New Horizons

New Horizons is the largest independent IT training company in the world and is proud to be an EMC Authorized Training Partner. New Horizons offers IT professionals the complete set of EMC curriculum taught by certified instructors who are experts in their industries. By enrolling in EMC training, IT professionals are able to better understand the technology and how they can use ITaaS to improve their network infrastructure. Our courses prepare you for EMC certification, which is a testament to your knowledge and ability working with EMC.

New Horizons offers EMC certification training online with a live instructor or in a hosted distance learning environment. This allows your organization to participate in training that best works around your schedule without negatively impacting workplace efficiency and productivity. If you have questions about any of our courses or requirements for EMC certifications, please feel free to contact us directly and a representative will provide the assistance needed.


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What Our Students Say

  • 79% of IT Professionals improved productivity from their training at New Horizons
  • 89% returned to New Horizons to further their skills
  • 90% of IT Professionals recommend New Horizons
  • 91% felt New Horizons content prepared them for certification
  • 92% took additional courses with New Horizons because of Instructor Quality
  • 98% would recommend New Horizons to others
  • 100% have increased their job security by taking a course

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What Our Students Say About Cloud Training and Certifications

"I want to thank you for the training New Horizons has provided the Information Service’s Network Operation Center (NOC) of Loma Linda University Medical Center. The team will use the training to accomplish the goal of becoming Microsoft Certified Professionals. This is the first training effort, in partnering with your company, that will be used by the NOC to increase its ability to identify and bring resolution to issues in the hospital’s IT infrastructure that could interfere with the delivery of patient care. I anticipate this being a long and beneficial relationship for us both."

John R. Thomson, CDCP, CDCS
Manager, Network Operations Center – I. S. Dept.
Loma Linda University Medical Center